Nov 2, 2009

Philosophy Assignment on Aesthetics

We have discussed Objectivist aesthetics from the point of view of why art is necessary & what is art. Now to answer the question as to how we can evaluate art, we must understand the connection of art with cognition, since it is the cognition of the artist that decides the nature of his art and thus its value. So, read the chapter "Philosophy and Sense of Life" and answer the following:
  1. Why do we need to understand our sense of life?
  2. How does one get a sense of life?
  3. Can one develop a rational sense of life? How?
  4. Do you agree with her thoughts on 'Love'? Why?
Blog your answers by evening. (either independantly or together)
btw. I have recieved the UNESCO topics. We have to conduct the essay competition before 6th. You will all have to write it like an exam in 2 hours, using computers and maybe a dictionary / thesaurus from MS Word.
I plan to do it tommorrow. What do you think?