Nov 2, 2009

Philosophy Assignment on Aesthetics

We have discussed Objectivist aesthetics from the point of view of why art is necessary & what is art. Now to answer the question as to how we can evaluate art, we must understand the connection of art with cognition, since it is the cognition of the artist that decides the nature of his art and thus its value. So, read the chapter "Philosophy and Sense of Life" and answer the following:
  1. Why do we need to understand our sense of life?
  2. How does one get a sense of life?
  3. Can one develop a rational sense of life? How?
  4. Do you agree with her thoughts on 'Love'? Why?
Blog your answers by evening. (either independantly or together)
btw. I have recieved the UNESCO topics. We have to conduct the essay competition before 6th. You will all have to write it like an exam in 2 hours, using computers and maybe a dictionary / thesaurus from MS Word.
I plan to do it tommorrow. What do you think?


  1. Kevin J, Prathamesh K, Akshaya D yes sir will do.

  2. 1.Our sense of life classifies our actions and thoughts according to the emotions they invoke, or the experiences they remind of. Thus they create our actions, our habits and our responses. It is irrational and immoral to perform any action if we dont know why we would do it. Thus we should understand our sense of life.

    posted by saarang ,umesh ,gaurav.

  3. from diksha,akshaya,kevin
    According to her, love is a response to values. Love is basically attraction towards personality of an individual, personality comes in to existence due to ones sense of life which is the integration of values, experience. yes I do agree with her ,because in love in individual likes another person personality which compromises of his sense of life and external appearance which is connected to values which is connected to sense of life.

  4. A sence of life according to me is mirror of one-self which defines his way of thinking,the way of his approach 2wards da situations he confronts.And all in all da outcome of his thoughts.So if this type of thinking is not aquired in life,one-self cannot be independent by thought........

  5. 3. one can develope a rational sence of life to some extent, but it can't be completely rational or reliable because our sence our life is based on our emotions which may not be rational.

    by umesh, saarang, gaurav.

  6. One can achieve sence of life by questioning himself while taking each and every dicisions no matter how casual the situation is,and then configuring dat rational thinking with the help of ethics.....

  7. 2.It is usually formed by emotional generalisation (i.e it is formed by combinations of different emotions.)

    posted by gaurav, saarang, umesh.
    as anonymous

  8. 1. One can surely develop rational sence of life.And da ans. of how is similar to da second one.
    Kimmi > kedar

  9. 2nd
    Sense of life is combination of vast concepts which comes into existence due to experience of ones life. experience helps an individual to inculcate knowledge which in turn helps to decide code of ethics .sense of life cannot be acquired with in a short time it is a continous process of integration of ones concepts which is due to ones knowledge .in short Sense of life is due to experience and concepts due to which determines ones habits
    from Diksha, Akshaya, Kevin J, Prathamesh

  10. Prathamesh
    1. Sense of life according to me is a package of emotions through the decisions of all kinds are to be taken. It is necessary to understand because it combines all the thoughts, reasons, emotions, responses & then helps conclude about what to be done to face the situation. If this concept is absent in an individual then that person has to be dependent on others & won't be able to take independent decisions.

  11. Prathamesh
    2. When a individual tries to classify actions according to the emotions that are invoked by them, he is able to decide the responses to be given to that situations. As a result of continuous classification & integration of thoughts, reults in strengthening emotions. This can be considered as making generalised cases for the actions through which emotions are invoked.

  12. Prathamesh
    3. Yes, I agree but not to full extent. Sense of life is not always perfect because it depends upon the emotions(varies according to situations if these aren't generalised irrespective of rationality). Rational sense of life can be created by integrating only those concepts which are rational & reasonable. The rationality can be checked through ethics. If the individual does not changes his sense of life as he progress, then there might be a possiblity of the the integrated things to be irrational.

  13. Prathamesh
    4. Yes, i agree to her thoughts on love because people who fall in love are actually attracted to the actions & the behaviour of that person which depicts the person's values. Love can only be achieved when the person knows why he actually love that person, so people usually love those whose sense of life more or less matches to their sense of life. As she says love is integration of emotions & responses, it can be said that people try of develop their sense of life at a faster rate when they are in love, since they acqiure the values from the person they love. As a result the individual is able to stable his sense of life, hence i agree to her thoughts.

  14. 1. Sense Of Life is important because it helps us understand our purpose of living in this world. Sense Of Life is needed to judge ourselves and understand our own potential,a measurement scale wherein a man's emotional responses and worth of his character is monitored & asessed by himself.Every phase in a man's life derieves its own value- judgements & Sense Of Life.
    Kevin J

  15. one needs 2 understand sense of life bcoz it helps him 2 reason out the purpose of our action.which is very important becoz if we dont reason out things we may not understand who we? r or what we want 2 be in our life?if we cant find its reason we cant make our own codes of ethics & philosophy from Diksha,Akshaya


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