Mar 26, 2022

Study Skills Workshop

This is a brief guide for teachers planning Study skills workshops and parents who may want to help their children study better. We need to use the following resources to begin with. So please try to read carefully through them. Also, there are certain tests which are appropriate only for certain ages and which tell us where the child stands. These tests are only an indication and the child’s preferences or attitudes will change somewhat over time. SO they are not to be taken as final. You should test the child in this and use the scores to guide the child.

Please note that teaching kids to learn is a highly specialized field and not the same as teaching them a subject. However, with effort every teacher can attempt to better the child’s life.


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  1. What is Effective Learning? (My Presentation)

    1. The case for learning to learn for Life

    2. What is Effective Learning?

    3. Knowing Yourself

  2. What is VARK and why should teachers, parents and students know this?

  3. What are VARK study strategies for students?

  4. How to find your VARK Mode of Learning? 

    1. For Std 5 to 8

    2. For Std 9 to 12

  5. What is Multiple Intelligence? How does it affect one’s study and career goals?

  6. How to find your Multiple Intelligence? - 

    1. For Std 5 to 8

    2. For Std 9 to 12 

  7. What is the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator? How can it help determine a career?

  8. How to know your Personality type from Myers-Briggs Test? (For Std 9 to 12)

  9. How to plan a career? (My Article for Std 9 above)

  10. Learning Strategies - Steps in learning; How to preview; How to read; How to make notes; How to ask questions; etc. (My Notes)

  11. Previewing  Medthods and Strategy

  12. Reading Strategies - Online Reading Lab (Excellent tutorials and samples), 

  13. Note Making - The Cornell Method, Cornell Method Template, Also use - Outlining, Mind-Maps, Annotations (Look here)