Oct 23, 2012

Baltic Sea Essay Competition

Hey guys!
I know, i was supposed to continue discussions on this blog for aesthetics. However, I got really busy with the admin work for inspections we are having at school. Nevertheless, I have two announcements to make:
  1. BSEC: The Baltic Sea Essay Competition held each year by Baltic countries on the advent of the UNESCO World Philosophy Day celebrations (14-15 Nov) is announced as follows.
    1. We conduct the essay-writing on this Saturday, 27 Oct 2012 from 9 am to 11:00 am IST
    2. I then review the essays to select the best two and send them to the organizers
    3. Results should be declared by 15th Nov on the site http://feto.fi/filosofia_paiva_2010.htm
    4. Rules for the competition are simple:
      1. It is intended for Indian students of high school, however motivated younger students are also welcome. (Non Resident Indians are also allowed to participate)
      2. Students should choose from between four topics, which will be sent to them / their teachers via mail about 10 min before the competition begins.
      3. Students should not use internet resources and should especially refrain from giving direct quotes from internet sources, simply to spice-up their essay.
      4. I should get the essay by mail before 11:30 am on the same day, i.e. within 2.5 hrs. at director@abhinav.ac.in
      5. If you are interested ... send me a mail at the above address, so I get your email ID
      6. If you cannot type on the computer comfortably, you may even write by hand on paper and then send me a image of each page via email. (please note - I am not a chemist or doctor, so please use legible handwriting)
  2. The first stage of selection for the Indian Team to go to the IPO 2013 - Denmark, begins around 15th Dec, 2012. Stay tuned.