Nov 17, 2012

Good Show at the Baltic Sea

The result at the Baltic Sea Event is put up at . India had sent three entries. All three got an award:
Asit Tarsode - Silver
Nishith Khandwala - Bronze
Abhinav Menon - Honorable Mention

Good work everyone. However, we need to get into better shape soon for the IPO selection. So buckle up people.

Nov 11, 2012

About the BSEC

Hey guys!
I am really getting bogged down with the inspection stuff. No time to do any random musings. Anyhow, the BSEC entries we selected and sent from India were - (Results of our eval)
  • Abhinav Menon
  • Nishith Khandwala
  • Asit Tarsode
Should expect the final results by 18th or 19th of Nov. Link to the main site is on the baltic sea page.
Dont really have time for detailed comments, but what we generally thought was as follows:
  1. Most essays were better written than the previous year. (mostly by the same students, so I can say Shlok, Devendra and some others have improved consistently)
  2. Ayushi needs to focus more on the critical thinking to improve. She is steady in her score, but a 7.5 is needed to go up in the IPO.
  3. Abhinav did almost as well as expected.
  4. Nishith seems distracted. Could have done much better.
  5. Asit needs to give more thought to what he is writing. For that he needs more practice in critical thinking.
  6. Amruta too couldn't grasp the essence of the topic and as such put up a superficial argument. Could have done much better.
  7. Yash, Mohit & Mansi - its your first time to do something like this, so its fine. Keep at it and you should get better.
  8. Overall, I guess, I didn't spend enough time in discussions with you guys. We need more head-banging (offline or online) to get on track. I am afraid that cant happen before the Abhinav Philosopher (scheduled on 14th - 17th Dec, Stage 1 and the 22nd Dec, Stage 2). But as soon as January comes and Stimulus and the inspection are over - We should get serious.