Jan 5, 2013

Results of Indian Philosophy Olympiad

Dear All,
The Indian Philosophy Olympiad selection process is concluding with the results of the Abhinav Philosoher Stage II being declared. Stage I saw about 150 entries, of which about 20 were selected to the essay-writing stage. It took a little longer than I had expected to prepare the result as some of the top contenders wrote really well. We had to go over the papers again and again to be sure.

The next step is to invite the top two in the list to join the Indian delegation to the IPO 2013 and thus to a training program from Jan to May (mostly online, with a brief camp somewhere in April). If any of the two reject the offer, we go down the list in heirarchy. We should be able to declare the team in about a week from now.

Those who reached stage II showed a genuine interest and an aptitude in philosophy. As far as the online training is concerned, ALL of you are invited. Details will be put up in about 2 weeks on this blog. The camp, however, has a funding problem and thus those who can arrange to stay in Mumbai / near Dombivli, can definitely join the team.

Also, some candidates inquired whether we give a participation certificate for the InPO. Since it is not sponsored by any govt. agency, such a certificate has no practical value. Also, funding issues disallow us from sending certificates to all the 100 or more participants. Those who recieve an award are however, definitely sent a certificate and a prize. I hope that the candidates understand our constraints. We do encourage all participants to prepare harder for the next year.