Feb 2, 2010

What next ?

Hi there,
sorry for not posting anything for some time, but I have been bogged down by something urgent. Also, the team being HSC students, I think its best for them to get back to their studies until April. Those who are free can however proceed with something eöse. So far we examined issues in Science which by the way was a continuation of what we were doing in November. Now we must return to the basics for a while.
What I mean is that those who are beginners to philosophy must get familiar with the basics by reading up a few things. Phiosophy has many branches, schools, isms and doctrines. The core branches being Metaphysics, Epistemology, Axiology (Ethics & Aesthetics) & Logic. you must spend some time to get familier with these branches and the strands of enquiry undertaken by them. It would be better, as well, to look up the different isms, i.e. Approaches to philosophical thinking and what are their positions. Maybe you could choose your own after some thought.
The best resource to start with would be wikipedia and then to clarify the ideas you could look up the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.
We resume active discussions after March, mostly first of April onward. Feel free to blog your thoughts and queries, here at any point of time. I'll reply asap.