Apr 1, 2010

Prep for Greece IPO and training for next IPO

Time to start training the available members of the Greece IPO team. Also we should use this opportunity to prepare the future IPO candidates. we will go over certain basics first and then we dig deep. We will work on two tracks - the red (online blog assignments) & the black (face-to-face sessions at Abhinav). So if you are interested, come to Abhinav Vidyalay & Jr. College at 12 noon on the 3rd April.
Newcomers may work with us until mid-may, after which we break until say mid-August. Those who cant physically be present, can work on the blog-based assignments and I'll try to arrange chat sessions with them from time to time. But please let me know if you are interested in this mode of working. The study plan is as follows:

  • First we begin sessions (thrice a week) somewhere from 3rd April. (Until 18th I wont be able to give mornings, but only around 11am to 2pm) In these sessions we go over the rudiments of philosophical thinking, i.e. Arguments, Logic, Fallacies & isms.

  • Parallel to this I will give assignments on this blog from completely different and interesting areas of philosophy, to read and write about.

  • Around 15th April or before we begin with a serious area like Metaphysics or Epistemology (we have already gone over Asthetics, Ethics & rudimentary Phil. of Science recently)

  • We do one area for about 10 days or until we become mad and uproot all our hair. Then we move on to other pastures (sic).

  • We will continue 2-3 hours a day until 26th April. After which we increase pace to about 4-5 hrs a day until at least 17th May.

  • After this as the Greece IPO is from 21st and we need to reach there on the 20th, we simply go over the basics as a revision and go shopping for warm clothes in the 'hottest' (literally) part of town.
So, either be at the school on 3rd at noon, or sms or email to me to let me know your interest and diffculties and i will try to patch you in.

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  1. Howz everything going in Philosophy ?? What are we upto ??


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