Apr 25, 2012

Response to Nishit

Nishit's Argument,
You haven't followed the pattern of argument as mentioned. A1 and A2 are supposed to be the two implications of perception. Perception of the world is pure sensory perception which is a good case of it as in not an illusion to many. Perceptions of the world should be understood as isms, various points of view; for instance empiricism vs mysticism, or other forms of dualistic isms. Justify possible existence of A2 with examples where reality may be not entirely explained by perceptions.
B should entail the counterargument to possible differences between A1 and A2; as to why they are not completely or almost overlapping sets. Thus analyze examples of both A1 and A2.
Consider that your conclusion is perception of the world is more important than perceptions of it or vice versa, C should entail precise of the entire argument point wise [put it all together].
Choose more sensible examples that justify every nuance a concept. Language needs to be more straight, the given argument isn't very effective because of the same.

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