Aug 25, 2012

What qualifies Art?

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Let's begin this new season of discussing philosophy online by starting with Aesthetics. This is part of getting-used-to training before the first round of the Indian Philosophy Olympiad is conducted (around November-End-December). These sessions will be largely blog assignments put up every saturday and feedback by the next saturday. I am trying to get the online lectures to work out for a larger audience (we could manage for a few people using Google / Yahoo or Tinychat last summer) and will inform you all asap.

So here goes:
What can be described as the qualities Art (read: a work of art) must possess to be described as art?
  1. Beauty: How would you define it? Is it subjective? (i.e. lies in the eyes of the beholder)
  2. Rationality: Should art confirm to logic? Can a artist not be wildly imaginitive? Should the work of art present its reasons to exist within it?
  3. Truth: Should art confirm to reality? Can it not distort reality?
  4. Heroism: Should art only describe the best and the most honorable in society? (many a times an artist shows a hero in contrast with a villain, this is allowed by the question) Can art not be about the bland, pallid, passive, commoner aspects of life?
  5. Purpose: Should art have a purpose? Can it not be vague and apparently "meaningless"?
State your point of view to these as comments in as brief manner as possible. Later we examine more qualities, ultimately to try and determine those qualities which help us judge Art.


  1. By : Yash, Shlok, Milan

    Some people respond to certain subjects because they associate them with pleasure. Others may find a particular combination of lines, colors, and shapes appealing without understanding the meaning of the artwork.

    Art, as we know it, was not formulated by man through grounds or sense—nor is it just the mushy feelings in our hearts welling up inside of us as chemical reactions to what we experience with our physical senses. For centuries, philosophers and artists believed that art must tell a story or have important meaning. In order to fully appreciate the artwork, viewers had to “read” this story from the image and understand its meaning.
    Is art developing through idea???
    Yes, art arises from some idea in background. Even an abstract painting has some idea in painters mind because of which he makes it but audience have there different perspective from their angles.


    Every concept has some grounds to develop in our mind we have thought or we have seen around us, or thought it then only it can be develop. Art has truth. For e.g.

    This painting show the truth in the sense of adversity of nature

    This painting shows a compacted scene of a village.!/photo.php?fbid=305233549565119&set=a.269072049847936.67846.100002354295950&type=3&theater

    You have to guess the reality in this painting


    It is not necessary that every art “should have an hero” mostly in paintings, sculptures, and an architectural art


    There is a purpose to every kind of art. For some, the idea or concept becomes the most important part of the artwork. . If they were interested in creating a physical object based on their plan, they either made it themselves or provided the instructions to other people to fabricate the piece as a drawing, painting, sculpture, or other work. Some conceptual artists simply display the plans, texts, or notations as an artwork, which emphasizes the idea as the key part of their creative process.

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