Jan 3, 2014

InPO final results

Dear all,
The final stage of the Indian Philosophy Olympiad is concluded with this declaration of the result. As the web site is experiencing some problem, we are posting the results here. Congratulations to all who attempted, as all of you are brave enough to think and thus all are winners.

Name Score Rank
Abhishek Dedhe 8.38 1
Aparna Mishra 7.63 2
Nihar Kulkarni 6.63 3
Rounak Majumdar 5.63 4
Purva Chaudhari 5.38 5
Rohan Dhere 5.38 5
Satyasarvani Pindiproli 4.5 6
Madhura Bilimogga 4 7
Manju Sharma 2.88 8

The top two in this list will be asked to join the Indian team for the IPO at Lithuania in May. If any one of them is unable to join then the next in rank will be asked. This process will culminate in a week or so and the final team for the IPO will be announced.
A more proper announcement of performances will be put up on the web site when the site is back online. 

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