Dec 13, 2014

Indian Philosophy Olympiad 2014

Hello dear friends of wisdom,

I am pleased to announce the start of the Indian Philosophy Olympiad - 2015. This is an online competition for Indian high school students of any stream (Std IX to XII). This is also a selection and training process for the forthcoming International Philosophy Olympiad to be held in May 2015 in Estonia. Please see the poster.

The InPO selection rounds will proceed in two stages - 21st Dec and 28th Dec 2014 - both Sundays. The rounds will be online with the first stage having objective and subjective questions will be an open paper to be solved throughout the day (should not take more than 1.5 hours, ideally). The second stage is an essay test for those selected from the first stage. This will be time bound to be finished within a stipulated time. For more details on the selection process please visit our website.

To enroll please fill up the form here. There are no entry fees.
(Those who already intimated me during the Baltic Sea Event, please fill the form again as I have some trouble getting the data)

The task sheet for Stage 1 will be activated at the scheduled time. The tasks for Stage 2 will be emailed separately to the finalists.

To prepare for stage 1 here is the previous years question paper.
Some of these discussions with the previous participants may help you get some perspective on what sort of thinking you are expected to do, especially during the training. (Please read in the order given) 
  1. About preparing for the Olympiad
  2. Developing a little intuition about philosophy
  3. Solutions to developing intuition ...  Part I  &  part II 
  4. Structuring our intuitions
  5. Solutions to structuring ... Part I  &  Part II

For stage 2 prep, you could see the essays of the past years winners of the Int'l Olympiad at by scrolling down to see the medalists names and the "text" link besides them. Also, you could see the Baltic Sea Essay Event winning essays at

For any other information, please mail me at

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