Jan 4, 2010

About the Scientific Method

As a part of preparations for the IPO, we must learn to dabble with the prominent (albeit somewhat simple) issues from different areas of philosophy; the objective being to hone your skills in following & presenting philosophical arguments. Most of January we will spend on issues in the Philosophy of Science.
We already saw things about the scientific method and Kuhn's observations on the paradigms in science. Some may argue that the scientific method is not so well defined or that inductive thinking is not as well constrained as reasoning & logic, but works quite well. On this note comment on the following:

  1. Role of inductive reasoning in creating an hypothesis

  2. Is Ockham's razor justified, i.e. can it be used with certainty

  3. Is the scientific method rigidly followed? Should it be?

You may find Wikipedia very helpful along with maybe this link - http://www.sciencebuddies.org/