May 13, 2010

· What is philosophy and who ‘needs’ it
Needs- what is the truth, what we consider to be true and hence how do we reach the truth (Not a very good definition of philosophy, particularly in the context of the topic. It should be more like JTB = Knowledge, but then thats only epistemology. Then there is metaphysics which raises questions not looked at by Science, thereby motivating science)

· Science- [literally knowledge] aimed at studying nature, systematic method: scientific method, devising laws and theories

· Between science and philosophy- philosophy has similar aims as science, philosophy has been proposed and stated since ages, but science is out of development (What do you mean? Hasn't the scientific method come from philosophical musings). Philosophy has doctrines [can be contradictory], but science accepts one standard of accuracy and correct perspective (Science can also have conflicting doctrines... precisely why philosophical guidance is needed; Science does have a standard method for "knowing" the truth and that is experimental evidence, not accuracy or perspective)

on same lines wrt - logic - justifiability, verifiability

· epistemology- perception true or not, when can one say I know [deductive proof vs statistical truths , axioms as foundations (Isn't the order of points topsy-turvy here)

· philosophy on science- norms regarding above subjects, normal sciences and paradigm shift: change due to shift in philosophy knowledge on fundamental issues

· science- causality in nature: our understanding; empirical, metaphysics is out of formalism

· philosophy needed, revise norms and accept presence of counter-evidence, conceptions be made objective, methodology of being able to know reality,

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