Oct 9, 2011

About the Indian Philosophy Olympiad

I am currently trying to shift base to an internal discussion group and a seperate website for conducting the assignments and delivering info and news about the Olympiad and other activities related to Philosophy, which we will undertake here at Abhinav. The location for further info would be http://philo.abhinav.ac.in/. However to keep the line open, I will keep repeating the info on this blog for a long time to come. So feel free to view either site for news. Detail info will however be posted / connected on the proper site (as given above). Discussions within students and mentors will be conducted exclusively on the discussion group - https://groups.google.com/a/abhinav.ac.in/group/philosophy/topics. So do join it. (by sending me a mail at director@abhinav.ac.in or the group address - philosophy@abhinav.ac.in)
Competition overview and task sheets for the first stage will be simultaneously put up at the above website as well as http://abhinav.ac.in/dov/stimulus/philosopher.htm.

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