Oct 27, 2011

Resources for philosophy

The link attached below contains resources to different areas of philosophy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZBcKiLo98JVmFzBhPIiduBmkVW_Fz7gf7...
This will give you a general idea about the important topics in each area of philosophy and will help you to train for the Baltic Sea event. I have not put up resources for all the areas now. I will keep on updating the document and inform you like-wise.
As these links will only give you a general idea, it will always be better if you read from other resources as well.
The Baltic Sea event will be conducted as scheduled- on 4th Nov. Topics will be disclosed only on 4th. Abhinav students are to come to the school premises to write the essay at on 4th at 9am.
Others who are interested will have to be online. The essay topics will be e-mailed to them on the 4th at 9, and they are to write the essay and email it back. For further queries please contact Kedar Soni (soni.ke...@gmail.com).
You may post whatever doubts you may have.. All the best!!

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